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Congregate Housing

Congregate Housing is a shared living environment designed to integrate the housing and services needs of elders and younger disabled individuals. It is designed for adults who do not want to live alone and enjoy sharing a living space and allows for privacy and encourages socialization.

Congregate Housing has been part of GSSSI’s operations since 1982. The goal of Congregate Housing is to increase self-sufficiency through the provision of supportive services in a residential setting, provide safe, affordable and sanitary dwelling. Congregate is neither a nursing home nor a medical facility. It does not offer 24 hour supervision to the residents.

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Supportive services are available for residents who need assistance with daily activities of independent living. Congregate members may have an Aide to assist with personal care, housekeeping, shopping, laundry and meal prep. Congregate Housing Coordinators provide assistance with applying to these services, guidance though the application process, notification of documents needed, act as a liaison with housing, and they provide additional public information and resources.

Who is Eligible?

  • Must be at least 60 years of age or
  • An adult under 60 with a disability
  • Not require 24-hour supervision or medical care
  • Income must fall within city or town Housing Authority financial guidelines
  • People who no longer feel comfortable living alone but who still wish to be independent and have privacy

Design & Locations

Throughout the state there are many variations in size and Congregate Housing design. Each resident has a private bedroom and half bathroom. The residents then share one or more of the following: kitchen facilities, dining facilities, and bathing facilities.

Agawam, MA

Accommodates 10 people. Each tenant has a private bed/sitting room and a half bath. One apartment is handicapped accessible.

Agawam Housing Authority
66 Meadowbrook Manor
Agawam, MA 01101

Rental Office and Maintenance 413-786-1297, M-F 7:30-4:30

Emergency Maintenance (evenings, weekends, holidays) 413-493-8256

East Longmeadow, MA

Accommodates 15 people. Each tenant has a private bed/sitting room, kitchenette and half bath. Two apartments are handicapped accessible. Residents may pay for a hot lunch (M-F) which is prepared by the congregate cook for a monthly fee (fee subject to change).

East Longmeadow Housing Authority
81 Quarry Hill
East Longmeadow, MA 01028

Rental Office and Maintenance 413-525-7057, M-F 9:00-4:00

Emergency Maintenance (evenings, weekends, holidays) 413-535-5492

Springfield, MA

Accommodates 5 tenants. Each tenant has a private bed/sitting room and half bath. One apartment is handicapped accessible.

Springfield Housing Authority
25 Saab Court
Springfield, MA 01104

Maintenance number/management office 413-785-4551, M-F 9:00-4:00

Emergency Maintenance (weekends/holidays/evenings) 413-735-1784

How to make a Referral to Congregate

Call Greater Springfield Senior Services, Inc.'s Intake Department at 413-781-8800 and they will guide you to the correct Congregate Housing Coordinator with a referral.

  1. GSSSI's Congregate Coordinator is available to any interested individual to meet and explain the program as well as set up a tour of the congregate location. During this time the Congregate Coordinator will explains the guidelines of congregate living and help the interested individual determine if this program is the best fit for them.
  2. If an individual expresses interest in applying for Congregate Housing, then they will be guided by GSSSI's Congregate Coordinator to complete an application and attach any required forms to the appropriate Housing Authority.
  3. The Housing Authority processes all applications and informs GSSSI's Congregate Housing Coordinator if there is any additional documentation needed and whether or not the applicant is eligible for the program. Application approval is ultimately up to the Housing Authority. If no openings are available then applicants can be placed on a wait list.
  4. Once an application is approved by the Housing Authority, the Congregate Coordinator will meet with the applicant to conduct an assessment in order to review the applicant's current living situation and to determine if the applicant is an appropriate fit for Congregate Housing. Applicants sign release forms in order to discuss concerns with medical providers if necessary and the Multi-Disciplinary Assessment Team (MAT).
  5. After all assessment information is gathered, a MAT meets to discuss the applicant and if Congregate Housing would be a good fit. Ultimate determination is finalized by the Housing Authority.
  6. The process takes about 2 months on average, unless the applicant is put on the wait list. This would extend the time determined by the length of the wait list with the Housing Authority.